Hospitality in Manara Cliff

The Manara Story

The idea for the project was hatched and took form on Kibbutz Manara. The kibbutz members were familiar with the amazing vistas over the valley, from the top of the cliff, where they and their visitors would go for walks. Enjoying the spot was difficult for the general public, due to the lack of accessible paths. Manara old-timers relate that the idea of developing a cable car connecting mountain and valley was first raised in 1946, but then it seemed like a distant dream.

In the late 1980s, Ehud Rubinfeld, a kibbutz member and the kibbutz secretary at the time, reignited the thought of a cable car, as part of a concept that that was beginning to develop at Manara and throughout the Galilee region, based on the idea that tourism could serve to increase sources of employment for local residents. He recognized the unique potential of Manara and its natural surroundings, to serve as a base for tourism activities comprising the cable car, a hotel and tourism, and other fun sites.

The ridge of the Naphtali Mountains, which stands more than 700 m above sea level, is the Upper Galilee’s eastern extension. It stretches from Keren Naphtali in the South, to Misgav Am in the North (about 17 km). and from the Yesha-Margalioth road to the Rosh Pina-Metulla road in the East (about three km), and the ridge. The slopes descend steeply down to the Hula Valley, creating the sense of an impressive wall of mountains. Magnificent views of the South Lebanon, Hula Valley, Mt. Hermon and Golan Heights landscape can be had from the higher points on the ridge.   

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