Thursday – December 3, 2020

19:00 The event complex opens a Tel Hai courtyard
21:00 Distribution of kits and testing of equipment from the end of 70 km of Tel Hai yard

Friday –  December 4, 2020
01:00 Shuttle goes out to Ein Kanya from Tel Hai yard
4:00 START 70 km RACE FROM Ein Kenya
4:00 Distribution of kits from 37 km FROM Tel Hai yard
5:30 Shuttle to the start of the 37 km FROM  Tel Hai yard
6:30 Distribution of End Kits 21 km Yard Tel Hai
7:45 START 37 km RACE end FROM Banias
8:00 START  21 km RACE FROM Tel Hai yard
8:30 START  13 km RACE FROM Tel Hai yard
9:00  The Happening Complex is open in Tel Hai Yard 
12:00 Estimated time for  ceremony in Tel Hai Yard 19



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